Emerald – Panna Small Size ( Brazil )

Emerald ( Panna ) is used mainly for the planet Mercury. This Emerald is Standard quality small size and oval shaped. Small size Emerald ( Panna ) refers to a range between 3 to 4 carat. This product is lab tested and 100% natural. The origin of the stone is Brazil.
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Panna or Emerald is one of the most expensive stone of the world. The stone is also been ruled by Mercury which is known as the ruler of intelligence. The color of the gem is green and it is a soft gem. This is recommended by astrologers when a remedy of Mercury is required. It is also used in case of cold, caught and stomach deseases.

Emerald can improve the qualities like prediction, common sense, perception, mental clarity, intuition, and fortune whereas green emerald is particularly related with maturity and development. Emerald is most suitable for Zodiac Star Cancer.

Emerald needs to be washed in running water after use. It regains its energy in sunlight and even among ruby and rock crystals.

Emeralds are found in Ural Mountains, Pakistan, Brazil, Australia, Rhodesia, Columbia, and India in different shades of green.

The shading shade of the stone is an essential trademark as it is a method of judging the creativity of the gemstone. With the shade of the stone, its delivering nation is resolved. It is green hued magnificence and is accessible in all shades of green. The varieties in the green shading happen because of the adjustment in the chromium content present in the substance arrangement of the precious stone. No two mines or stores creating the gemstone would have the very same structure a few changes are clearing so unique shades appear. The Cutting is an extremely pivotal angle as a decent cut upgrades the shade of the stone and expands its value as far as cash. It is a hard and intense stone yet at the same time cutting remains a testing work for the cutter. In any case, with the cutting edge systems it can be cut in various shapes viz. round, pear, oval, marquise, cabochon, square, emerald cut, stride cut and some more. The most favored cut is emerald cut, as the shade of stone is best obvious in this shape. This cut is rectangular stride cut.

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