Blue Zircon Small

This is a standard quality Blue Zircon with oval mix shape. Small size Blue Zircon refers to a range between 3 to 5 carat. Blue Zircon is useful for both Venus and Saturn combined. This product is lab tested and 100% natural.
QualityGood Quality
Weight TypeCarat
ShapeOval Mix

Saturn and Venus are friend as planets. Incase Venus is in conjunction with Saturn or Venus is aspected by Saturn or in opposition with Saturn in Horoscope, then Diamond or White zircon is not often the solution. In those cases Blue Zircon is recommended as an alternative solution

Due to the beautiful cut and shape, blue Zircon is used for making jewelry such as rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings and many more. They will definitely give you a unique look that will grab attention of a large number of people. Since, Blue Zircons are not costly so you can think of investing in this gemstone that will give you many benefits.

Blue Zircon can change the destiny of its wearer. It is often believed that this gemstone carry some unique characteristics that help in attracting positive energy and moreover also attract wealth, power self confidence, name, fame, prosperity, love, happiness and many more. Since, Zircon is available in many other colors so it is important that you should select color according to your astrological star and zodiacal sign.

Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Thailand are the greatest and most popular sources of blue Zircon. In fact, at these places this gemstone is produced in a large quantity and thus they contribute the major portion. So, gem gravel of Thailand hold very important place following Sri Lanka and Myanmar. In fact, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos also produce blue Zircon as by product of corundum mining. Similarly, Norway, Russia and Germany also produces this precious gemstone but in lesser amount. While on the other hand, Brazil and Madagascar also produce this gemstone but they are large in size in comparison to the blue Zircon produced atUnited States and Canada gem gravels. Although, most of the blue crystals are found in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand but they get their color with help of heat treatment.

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