Blue Sapphire – Neelam (Bangkok) Medium Size

This is a Standard quality medium size oval shaped Blue Sapphire. Medium size Blue Sapphire refers to a range between 4.25 to 5.5 carat. Blue Sapphire is useful for the planet Saturn. This product is lab tested and 100% natural. The origin of the stone is Bangkok.
QualityGood Quality
Weight TypeCarat

Blue Sapphire is commonly used as a remedy for Saturn and is advised to wear it in middle finger of the right hand. It is recommended to wear blue sapphire on Saturday morning in time period of 5 Am to 7 Am and in Shulka puksha days. To get best result, then you should wear this miraculous gemstone in gold but if you are tight with budget then can also opt for five metals usually known as panch dhatu

There are so many places in this world where this attractive and beautiful gemstone is found. Some of the places are Kenya, Burma, Thailand, USA, Tanzania, Colombia, China, Cambodia, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Myanmar, Nigeria, Nepal, Madagascar, Malawi, Burma, Pakistan, Australia and many more.

Whenever any person know about the magical benefits of wearing this precious gemstone then numbers of questions pop in mind, but most of the individuals want to know who can wear this gemstone. So, to overcome this problem you can visit astrologers who can provide you proper guidance and suggest whether or not to wear this gemstone.

This stone is mostly termed as birthstone of Capricorn, thus it is very beneficial for those people who are born in September or with Capricorn zodiac sign. They will get number of benefits and it will surely bring lot of happiness, success, love, wealth, financial wellness and many more.

The properties and benefits of blue sapphire are not only beneficial for Capricorn people, but it is advantageous for such who have weak shani. People can wear this gemstone if they are suffering from shani dasha as it is believe that this gemstone can bring bliss and happiness in life of those people who are affected by malefic events caused due to Saturn.

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