Amethyst Standard

Amethyst standard is very good quality Amethyst with beautiful color and cutting. It usually comes in oval shapes. Amethyst is used for the planet Saturn. This product is lab tested and 100% natural. Cheapest price guarantee.
QualityGood Quality
Weight TypeCarat
ShapeOval Mix

Amethyst is a purple color of quartz and considered as most popular purple gem of all time. This gemstone is used to get cabochons, beads, tumbled stones, faceted stones and more.

Mosh hardness of the amethyst is 7 and it does not get break even by a cleavage. This gem is considered very ideal as well as durable even for the use of bracelets, pendants, rings, earrings and many more other types of jewelry. Best part of this gemstone is that it is available at very cheap rate and anyone can easily afford it.

Many people believes that amethyst is available in only dark purple color gem but actually it is available in various purple shades. Purple color in the gemstone can be very light i.e. barely perceptible or can be very dark that it can be nearly opaque. Color of the gemstone can be violetish purple, purple, reddish purple etc.

Today most of the light color amethyst cut down in a very tiny calibrated stones, so that it can be use in the jewellery. Reddish purple amethyst is considered very premium and thats why it is mostly used in designer as well as high end jewellery. This gemstone has a great attractive color and because of its durability as well as affordability it is not a surprise that amethyst is a most favoured gem of the jewellers, artisans, consumers as well as craftsmen.

Amethyst gemstone or you can say crystal grow at slow speed. Water composition from which these stones grow can alter over time. As the water composition gets change it result into the difference in iron amount into gem surface. Later on, when minerals emit the radiation to the surrounding or near by rocks then it will modify iron and result into the formation or generation of purple color. This can also result into the various color intensity zone over the crystal. Itis found in many colors ranging from violet to pale violet and pale red. There are many places where you can find this gemstone some of the famous countries are:

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