Yellow Topaz Premium

This is a Premium quality very beautiful Yellow Topaz. The most common size of Yellow Topaz is a range between 7 to 15 carat. This product is lab tested and 100% natural. Yellow Topaz is used as a substitute gemstone of Yellow Sapphire and useful for the planet Jupiter.
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Yellow Topaz is alternative remedy for Jupiter in Indian astrology. This gemstone is transparent, elegant, very beautiful in any jewellery and yet not expensive. Its great yellow color and low price made yellow topaz as the main alternative gem for Jupiter.

It is said that if its worn by any person, luck and fortune will be on his way. It also provides you a lot of opportunities in life.

The Yellow Topaz is one of the benevolent stone for the unmarried girls according to various astrologers. Thus, the girls who want to get married and who are unable to find competent partner according to themselves are suggested to wear Yellow Topaz.

This gemstone is very positive and it is recommended according to astrological point of view to help those individuals who are full of negativity and depression.

Thus, married individuals if wear Yellow Topaz, it fills their life with happiness and serenity.

Those persons who work in government offices or in accounting, writing and acting are suggested to wear Yellow Topaz as this stone would help them achieve their goals and helps them grow at their respective career.

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