White Zircon Large Size Super Premium

This is a Super Premium quality large size oval shaped White Zircon. The most common size of Zircon of this category is a range between 5.5 to 9 carat. This product is lab tested and 100% natural. White Zircon is useful for the planet Venus.
QualitySuper Premium
Weight TypeCarat

White Zircon is used as an alternative remedy for Venus. This is much cheaper compared to main remedy Diamond. It should be taken in large size. For example if an astrologer recommends 50 cents of Diamond then the person may take 5-6 carat of white zircon as alternative.

Cut: White zircon are available in different types of cuts that you can prefer buying as per your preference and choice. In fact, the cut of the gemstone affects its value and also show that how brilliantly it is given this shape. Out of all other cut, zircon cut is very famous and attractive as it makes your gemstone look more appealing and also flaunts its beauty which will make it an antique piece.

Weight and size of the zircon completely depends on its color such as orange and yellow gemstone can weight up to five carat in size, while on other hand purple and red are small in size. Along with this, blue and green zircon are mostly found one to ten carat.

White zirkon are crystal clear but some of them have inclusions that can affect its quality, clarity and appearance. So, it is important that you must look after this and buy such zircon that has minimal or no inclusions as it will have direct affect on its value if you are planning to sell it in coming time.

Explaining such blur facts with maximum perfection is something unbelievable and the results which people have experienced are very much successful in providing transparency to these facts. The advantages of gems are more to come as one cannot imagine what the upcoming day is going to show and the astrological concepts on the other hand are ready to face any of the upcoming challenges quite impressively. More and more the people are gaining trust towards astrology the more its concepts are prospering.

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