Red Coral Premium Large Size

This is a Premium quality large size Italian Red Coral with cabochon cut. The most common size of Red Coral of this category is a range between 10 to 15.5 ratti. This product is lab tested and 100% natural. Red Coral is useful for the planet Mars.
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Red Coral is used as the primary remedy for Mars. Light Red or orange oral is used for Mars and Jupiter together, hence, for pure Mars remedy the coral should be as red as possible. Cost of the Coral depends on its pure redness.

Red coral or moonga has the planet Mars as the mighty leader which itself is extremely powerful and is can even brings disasters to anyones life. The need for the red coral gem is genuine as it has certain mysteries powers to provide perfect placing of Mars and brings positivity in life. Red coral is supposed to be the most common amongst the gemstones as it cures many of the living uncertainties.

The red coral is a naturally occurring gemstone which develops due to the continuous collection skeleton of animals under the sea. The well known red coral is collected from many parts of the globe but there are certain countries where gemstones occurs the most. Red corals from Sri Lanka are holds exceptional shine and are considered very majestic. Corals are generally collected by the divers from the water lagoons and preserved part of the oceans. The Sri Lankan coral gemstones are famous throughout due to sparkling tint and effective price. India, America, Brazil, Afghanistan etc are some of the other coral providing countries of the world.

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