Blue Moon Stone ( Ceylon ) Premium

This is a premium quality Blue Moon Stone from Sri Lanka. It is oval shaped and cabochon cut stone. It is an excellent stone with very prominent blue fire. Blue Moon Stone is usually used for both Moon and Saturn combined and also for only Moon in some cases. This product is lab tested and 100% natural.
Weight TypeCarat
OriginSri Lanka
ShapeOval Mix

Blue moonstone is used as a Gem for Moon and Saturn together. Incase of Moon is in conjunction, oppotion or aspected by Saturn, then Pearl or White Moonstone is not right option. Blue moonstone works like a magic in these cases.

There are a lot of benefits which we can get by buying a blue moonstone. The benefits are as follows-

This gemstone is good for calmness & meditation because it is connected with the moon which is the greatest example of coolness & here moon will control the wearers mind. If you have a blue moonstone, then you can try it by touching above your eyes, you will feel a cool sensation instant.

● If you want to keep emotional balance in life blue moonstone is the stone to look for.

● It has a great positive impact on the hormonal balance of women, so it good for them. The pain they feel during menstruation or childbirth can also be eased with the help of it.

● It controls any mans aggression because of the yin energy located in it.

● Many people describe it as the lovers gemstone as it helps them to find the true love of their lives.

● It is helpful against sun like in sunstroke or when your nose is bleeding. It also makes the digestion good.

● The people who are suffering from lack of confidence, depression can be helped by its use. The people who have such positions like the moon in Scorpio must use the blue moonstone as quick as possible if they are not able to get natural Pearl.

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