Leo Moon Sign Simha Rashi  April 2019 Monthly Prediction .

Leo Moon Sign Simha Rashi April 2019 Leo  House is Ownes by Sun (Rabi). Moon sign (Rashi) Leo  means that Moon was present in Leo  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Family life predictions: For the loss of any familymember you will get encumbered. There is a possibility of disagreement withfather related to property. Dont get too extreme or else you may get deprivedof his property. Try to restrain yourself and dont lose patience. Suddenlyduring the second week, you may show disgust because of some reasons. You mayget busy for entertaining the guests and relatives. For this the expenses willincrease. During 20th or 21st, it can be said to be luckyfor your family.

Lucky days are: 20th, 21st ofApril,19.

Social life predictions: Dont try to disclose any confidentialwords to others. The Leos may get cheated by the opposite sex. Byinvolving in social works, you may get the chance of meeting prominentpersonalities. The good news for the politicians is that there will be increasein public relations. The neighbors might push you of getting agitated for thedispute.

Lucky days are: 13th of April,19.

Financial condition predictions: The governmentemployees may get the chance of departmental transfers during the mid of April.There will be mental worries for the increasing monetary expenses. Asking formoney from the debtors is a difficult job. This time you have to suffer fromthe problem. They will delay the date of payments. You may get involved indisagreements with the coworkers. Dont try to take any risks of leaving thejob or something as it will not favor your decision.

Lucky days are: 13th of April,19.

Job predictions: If you are working in privateconcerns you will get recognition. Because of your errors, there will be lossof time and effort of the company. Try to do as much as error free job bykeeping head cool. In some special fields of works, there are chances of jobchanges. Then there may be sudden obstacles or troubles in office may arise andfor this you may think of any other alternatives of income sources.

Lucky days are: 1st, 19th ofApril,19.

Business predictions: The businessmen may suffer fromstress. But the business will gain profits and the whole month will beauspicious.

Health predictions: Due to the bad effects of themalefic planet, there will be some physical injuries involved. In order of gettinginvolved in political issues, there may be chances of getting physicalinjuries. There may be some mental disputes for the stress. Join the stressmanagement classes and spread the message of love. Apart from that the overallhealth will remain good.

Try to avoid the days: 10th, 11th,12th, 18th of April,19

Education predictions: The science students may faceexam related obstacles in any of your subjects. Its the matter of time sodont get de motivated and keep your focus solid and intact. Put extra effortand see the result. Best of luck for exams.

Love life predictions: Its a hard time for the poorLeos. Dont get philosophical as your partner may not enjoy and he or she maybe in flirtatious mood!! Call the favorite restaurant of her and book a tablefor dinner. Try to socialize and dont get engrossed in personal issues. Getout and see the world and who can say the solutions for your problems may lieoutside. Stay happy.

Lucky days are: Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

Lucky Numbers: 1, 5 and 9

Lucky stones: Amber and Ruby

Lucky colors: Gold, Yellow, Orange, and Red

Ruling Planet: Sun

Symbol: The Lion

Element: Fire

Best Match: Aries, Sagittarius

Marriage life predictions: Like the previous month,it is a favorable month. You will get help from your wife, physically mentallyor financially. Singles trying to get married go ahead and get hitched. Godbless you.

Lucky days are: 24th of April,19.

Travel prediction: Nothing as specific this season.Better luck next time.

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