Cancer Moon Sign Karkat Rashi  June 2019 Monthly Prediction .

Cancer Moon Sign Karkat Rashi June 2019 Cancer  House is Ownes by Moon (Chandra). Moon sign (Rashi) Cancer  means that Moon was present in Cancer  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

This is a hopefulmonth for some of you. But its a roller coaster ride for your finances. Youhave to be careful about your health along with the health of your family.

Family life predictions: This month will begin with quarrelwithin the family. For this reason there will be mental stress. Therewill be get together with the relatives. They will bring a happy and positivemood within the family environment. Good news from any field may come to you,be prepared for that, for this reasons the mental tension will reduce. Any ofyour relative may damage your reputation. There will be increase in enemyfield. Since there will be sudden material or any gain you will be delighted. Therewill be worries for your children.

Lucky days are: 2nd, 11th and 20thof June,19.

Social life predictions: This is the month for friendslove. But any of your friends might betray your love and cheat you. Due to thisthere will be increase in enemy. 10th is not a good time for you. Theenemy will try to damage you by any means. Because of this there will beincrease in mental anxiety. Because of your arrogance you will damage your ownaccount. During the last week there will be increase in work responsibilities.

Lucky days are: 3rd to 7thand 25thof June,19.

Financial condition predictions: Thisis not a peaceful month as regards to the financial matters. There will befinancial loss during 1st and 3rd of this month. From 4ththe loss will be reduced and the income and expense will be same till 7thof the month. Again on 9th to 11th there will be certainextent of monetary loss. On 13th, it will be a good period to takeloan. The income will be average. Again there will be financial losses during19th,

Lucky days are: 11th and15th ofJune,19.

Job predictions: At the beginning of the month therewill be work pressure. So be focused and try to take rest as much as possible. Thismonth is favorable for the doctors. 5th day of the month will belucky for you, as may gain respect and recognition at office or work place.Later on there will be additional chances of change in places. The work lifewill be average but on 16th it will be more favorable. Hay! Dont betoo arrogant because it will cost you a lot at work. Try to be more modest whenworking with others. There may be disagreement at work during the fourth week. Thechange of you position will be there.

Lucky days are: 5th, 12th, 16th,19th and 24th of June,19.

Business predictions: The book sellers may beexperiencing a good month. It is favorable for them. The business will berelatively in better position. The business will be running average.

Lucky days are: 3rd, 6th, 12th,16th, 21st and 27th of June,19.

Health predictions: The health condition will be goodbecause of your strict diet control. But be careful as there may be suddenphysical blow you may experience. Since you are by nature a restless personthis time it will show more. For your health consciousness there will be aclean bill of health for you this month. Health will be average. Your momshealth will get worse during this period. There will be belly infection duringthis time. Take prescribed medicine from the doctor. The health of your wife willcreate mental worries. It will decrease. Try to take care of her by consultingthe doctors.

Try to avoid the days: 8th, 18th,23rd and 26th of June,19.

Education predictions: It is a very auspicious timefor the talented people, as your talent may get recognized. And for this youmay get honored.

Lucky days are: 14th of June,19.

Love life predictions: Good news for loveprediction. There will be growth of secret love relationships. It will be ahead over heels relationship. Be careful during the third week as you may becost you a share for the opposite sex.

Lucky days are: 4th, 9th and 23rdof June,19.

Lucky Numbers: 2, 7 and 9

Lucky stones: Pearl and Moon stone

Lucky colors: Blue and Silver

Ruling Planet: Moon

Symbol: The Crab

Element: Water

Best Match: Scorpio and Pisces

Marriage life predictions: The marriage life will befavorable but till 21st. Later on there will be disputes tillthe end of the month.

Lucky days are: 1st to 21st ofJune,19.

Travel Predictions: By the end of the month therewill be travel connections.

Lucky days are: 25th of June,19.

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