Gemini Moon Sign Mithun Rashi 2017 .

Gemini Moon Sign Mithun Rashi 2017
   You are helpful. You like doing agricultural work. You are quite in nature. You like the company of good people. You like to acquire knowledge. You will be honest and idealistic till 25 after that you will continue to be an honest person if you are in company of good people but if you are not in company of good people then you will become manipulative and selfish. There will be a sudden change in you. But if the environment around you is good then you will be a great personality to look after. You have a great captivating power. People will be very attracted to you. You are also a very good speaker. You will be a great writer, architect, actor, director or an influential politician. If you are a doctor then you will be a very reputable doctor who will be very well known for his operation skills. Your mind will never be bounded in a narrow circle. Sometimes you in your life will be irritated at the irrelevant things happening to you. You may get fed up. If you want to hurt your enemies then face them and not run away from them. You should attack your enemy face to face and not from behind. Attacking from behind doesn’t suit you as you might lose your respect you have earned previously from your hard work. You will either be very lazy or you will be extremely hard working. Everything depends on your will. Whenever you see someone criticizing you, talking rubbish about you won’t tolerate. You can’t bare people talking behind your back. In such incidents you will come out protesting to save your status.

You have an attractive face, a glittering face you will be able you use your looks and good gesture to make yourself popular among people. You will look to make yourself Centre of attraction in any sort of friendly or social gathering. You will prefer working independently. You don’t like working with someone you believe in working alone. This feeling will be felt by you perhaps because you don’t trust your co-workers. . Stay patient. You cannot tolerate any pain happening to someone. You have a soft heart and you cannot see someone in trouble. You will rush to help him or her. You, as a friend is trustable and dependable. Your friends will look up to you for advice in their problems and you will be able to give them correct advices. You are going to be a freckle minded person. Your thoughts will swing and it will be difficult for you to stick to one decision or choice. Though you will be rich and your lifespan will be long but you will face bad times once in a while. In this year there would be huge ups and downs in your life but be calm and patient and you will get through this. Softness, fond of reading, bravery and emotion these are your primary features and because of these key features of yours, you will not be able to stay at one place at a time as you always want to do something different so you might get bored very easily with just one thing. Your physical stature will be medium and your skin tone is fair. Hair will be semi curly and eyes will be big and dark black color. You will like to travel by water like by ship or cruise. Travelling by water will be auspicious for you.

Mother and Father
You will be successful in life because of your mother’s sacrifice. Your mother will sacrifice on a lot of things to make you successful in life. You will be successful in life because of your mother. Your father will be very serious in nature. Your father will be very conservative. You will very often have arguments with your father. But he will help you in your distress time. You have to bear your father’s legacy and he will have a huge influence on you. Your childhood will be troublesome and full of difficulties. But he will help you to make profit. Your brother’s position is good in your life. You will have a good relation with your brother. He will help you in tough times and he will always be there in your distress.

You will be good in studies since childhood. You will go to abroad for pursuing higher studies. Your studies might get disrupted by your careless nature. You will gain knowledge through sheer dedication. If you choose agriculture, medical science, army as job options then you will prosper and be happy. You will achieve your life goals choosing these options. Your obstacles will be based on your own self as you will lack concentration. Your mind will be diverted which would not let your mind focus in your studies. There might be some financial crisis which will stop you from getting proper education from an institution. You have to focus on your studies but something or the other will divert your mind. Your ancestors were doctors so this line of study will come hereditary to you and you will like to focus in studying medical science to be a doctor. Literature, art, science, astrology, religion and philosophy will be your matter of interest and in these things your knowledge will be impeccable. You will be a good student. Your concentration power will be good. Though education will not be very great, you will have difficulties pursuing higher studies but you can earn success in medical, engineering, singing professions. Work and luck-You will do good in agricultural work, iron and other liquor related works. But you have to work very hard to reach the position that you always wanted to be in. initially you have to put in very hard work but if you managed to do so you will succeed. You will get favor of somebody who will help you to be successful and to become financially independent. You will be very impressive as a salesman. Your job might be a shifting job and because of this you have to travel a lot and constantly move from one place to another. Electrical materials, life insurance agent or iron manufacturing jobs will be good for you and you will be sooner successful in these sectors. You will be more successful in business than in jobs.

Work and luck
You will be great as a writer, singer, critique, actor, sportsman, director, film star, cricketer. You will earn great fame in these fields. You will be an influential politician. You might work in navy, or any foreign company. If you work in any foreign company then you will rise soon. You will make profit from corps businesses and from leather businesses. You will visit abroad many times. After 40 there will be good time for jobs or business and you will do very good at workplace then. You might get national award for singing, acting or in literature section. You might have to go to abroad for business purposes. To rise too soon you will make a lot of mistakes like by indulging in poker and other games like this. You will do good in govt. jobs like in govt. schools or in govt. owned tea factories etc. Share market business, import exchange business, clothing business will be lucky for you and you will make good profit in these businesses. Initially you won’t do good either in business or in jobs, your starting time will be hard for you but once you get through this there will be no stopping for you. You will achieve great high. Initially your business will not do so good but slowly it will rise up. After 32 you will do very good in life. You will have your own car, house and everything that you always wanted. You will be very successful in press, cotton and stone businesses. You will get involved in court cases for land owning issues. You can donate money to temple or to school.

Love and marriage
You are physically attracted to women and your love for them will be based on that only. Your marital life will be peaceful and happy. Marriage at a later stage will be good for you. you will be too dramatic in love. You will be a very good lover. You can do anything for your near and dear ones. You are ready to sacrifice everything to make happy those people that you love. There won’t be many ups and downs in your relationships. People around you will have great affection for you and they will love you too. Your love life and marriage will be steady and long lasting. Your wife will be very beautiful. If your wife is a good match for you then it will be heaven for you and if your wife is not a good match for you then your life is going to be very complicated. Your wife has to be highly educated.

Tonsil, heart problem, eye sight problem and acid problem will give you a tough time. You might face accident and you might become paralyzed. Accidents may also cause severe damage to your health. With aging this problems of yours will get worse. There is an enormous high possibility that an accident which is fatal may give you a life threatening health problem, you may lose your life.

Women Born in Gemini
You like to read a lot. You like to read story books at peace, away from every one. You will pursue higher studies. You will stay in foreign for a long time. Our children will be a few. You will have great trouble having your baby. Giving birth to your child will be very painful for you. Your health will be more or less good. In childhood you might fall down from a higher place and get injured. You are calm and quite in nature but there is an enormous mountain energy which is hidden inside you. You have great talents inside you which you should explore in order to be satisfied with your creative work. You are quite in nature and you don’t like quarrels around you. You will run after money all your life. You will succeed in jobs at once. Everybody at your work place will respect you. You are a little shy in nature and take long time to really open up and be friendly with people. You will be either a lazy lass or a hyperactive, there is no in between. You are very creative. You will have interests in painting, sketching, singing, dancing and reading. You are also smart and a good listener. Your temperament is calm and cool. You will be satisfied at very little. Though complaining is not in nature but you would always not be happy how situation turns out for out so sometime it will be necessary if you don’t like something. Though you will love to work but once in a while but your lazy self will rule you often. You will prove your excellence at studies, dancing, and writing. You will be a very creative soul. Your practical sense will be better than most of other women. You will like to keep your things and room tidy, clean and arranged. You like everything to be planned and proper. You will like business more than jobs. Iron, cotton, stone, paper and book publishing will be excellent businesses for you , you will be able to earn a lot of money in this businesses. But don’t invest in partnership business, that will bring only loss in your account. You are calm and quite in nature but there is an enormous mountain energy which is hidden inside you. You have great talents inside you which you should explore in order to be satisfied with your creative work. you are quite in nature and you don’t like quarrels around you.

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