Cancer Moon Sign Karkat Rashi 2017 .

Cancer Moon Sign Karkat Rashi 2017
   Though you will be wise and knowable but because of greed you will be involved in unsocial and bad works. People born in under this zodiac sign are generally honest, quite and simple. You will suffer from a lot of diseases. But you will be very strong and because of this your enemies won’t be able to hurt you even though you will have many. You will not be a spendthrift. Controlling spending won’t be your cup of tea. You will be fair, tall, rich and you will have you will have many cars and you will have many sons. You will be short, black, curly hair, round faced, though you will be gentle but you will be also very strong. Some people will love you and some people will not like you at the same time. You will get respect from people but at the same time some people will also hate you. You dream very high. In fields of singing, acting, literature you will prove your excellence and put your great legacy behind. You are a healthy person. You will be enjoying good health conditions throughout the year. You are having good tolerance level and you would continue to have high tolerance level. You will be rich and with the richness comes greed. In order to get rich you will try to find opportunities to push yourself to any limit and would not mind being greedy. Excessive greed will lead to your downfall. You will gain many new friends and get in interaction with many new people because of your sweet nature. Everyone loves your company. Only casualty you have in your character is greed, if you can keep your greed in check that is do things out of humanity and not because of your greed then you will get blessings and your wit and intelligence will help you to be successful in your life. Your companions will admire your if you try an remain unselfish and overcome your greedy nature. You are brave and intelligent. You will also have good habits and mature behavior will inflicted by you when you are in a conversation with someone. You will be gentle and have a pleasing personality. Though you know much about being a politician still you can easily be a 2nd tier or 3rd tier politician. You will have impact if you choose politics as your future. People looking earn more, establish themselves in the society must look for future options in the departments of literature, director or actor. You will earn plenty if you decide to be a doctor but for that you have to work hard for years in studying medical science. Success will come but it will take time, do not be in a hurry and run behind success . Stay patient. You cannot tolerate any pain happening to someone. You have a soft heart and you cannot see someone in trouble. You will rush to help him or her. You, as a friend is trustable and dependable.

Father and Mother
Your mother will be very affectionate, loving and caring. She will be very protective of you also but because of your negligence you will be sad in life. But your father will be very rude and dictate. You will have a complicated relationship with your father but he will be always there helping you , advising you in your tough life situations. The devotion in you concerning your relation and the dedication in your work and the sacrifice and contributions you make for your family will receive special blessings and appreciation from your father. You will have problems with your brother. You will get into fights with your brother and he will hate you. Your brother’s relationship with you will also not be very good. You will fight a lot and have many arguments regarding various issues. It is good if you are only single child in your family in this scenario.

Though you will be very knowledgeable but there will be many disruption to pursue higher studies. If you put aside your carelessness then pursuing higher studies won’t be any problem for you. If you are determined to do something then you will definitely succeed at this. Being disciplined is important for you. Although you are not so brainy, you don’t have that elite standard of IQ but still you will have no problems in memorizing your syllabus. Your will get good marks though people around you will make you feel low on confidence. If you are determined enough and serious with you studies then scoring marks will be lot more easier and this year you will be serious with your studies and classes.

Work and Luck
You will do very well in business and if you work hard you will succeed in job too. You will have many talents. You will be very good in literature, philosophy, math and in acting, in this field you will earn great fame. In your first stage in life you will get many good job offers and you will leave it. You will do good as a religious head or as a teacher. Jobs in navy, bank, as a life insurance agent, audit accountant in a ship or sail will be good for you. Around your middle age you will be able to build your dream house. Businesses like paper business, stone, corps, iron, gold, copper etc will be good for you, you will earn great profits from these businesses. But in business you will have to face loss at the beginning. If you can be patient and calm then you will be successful for sure. You are not trustable as a business partner. If you collaborate with foreign partners then you will make a lot of profits. Share market business, import exchange business, clothing business will be lucky for you and you will make good profit in these businesses. Initially you won’t do good either in business or in jobs, your starting time will be hard for you but once you get through this there will be no stopping for you. You will achieve great high. Initially your business will not do so good but slowly it will rise up. After 32 you will do very good in life. You will have your own car, house and everything that you always wanted. You will be very successful in press, cotton and stone businesses. You will be having faith in your religion. Devoted people around you will advice you in being religious. You will achieve enormous success in your occupation. The success you will be receiving will be a result of your sheer hard work and intelligence. However your success won’t ensure your promotion. Your dedication towards your work place will go unnoticed. Luck will be blemishing over you, if you take up business as your profession. Businessmen will be very happy as they will enjoy good profits. You will change your place of employment frequently. You may work under more than one organization in this year. It will keep your mind unsettled and under a lot of tension. Owners of mineral resources and iron factory also nuclear station workers will gain experience from their work and this experience will help you in future. Income will come in both right and wrong path.

Marriage and love life
You are an idealistic lover in love but no matter what there will be some disruption in your love life. There is a scarce chance of happiness and pleasure in your marriage life. Marriage may not be a successful one and you may be separated from your partner. Separation may be of your choice or your partner choice but you both may get separated from one another due to quarrels, arguments, rudeness, domestic violence, misunderstandings. So you need to work on your relationship after marriage. You will have more than one marriage. So there is a clear indication of divorce. Very often you will feel Irritated in small things and marriage will prove to be a burden for you. You will have less changes of having your own babies. Even though you have babies it would just be one. Your marital life will not be peaceful. Your children will be nice and obedient.

If you can walk in fresh air and can live in village then your health will be improved. Diseases like high blood pressure, jaundice, acid problems, eye problem and cold problem will give you a tough time to live peacefully. You will suffer from stomach problem often. You are to suffer from health issues more often. Health problems like stomach problems, gout, liver problems, jaundice, dental problem, eye problems are the serious issues from which one of the issues may cause you serious damage and make you weak physically. You may even face dangerous accidents that may also result in your death. You may lose your life due to an accident which you would never see coming, completely unanticipated. It is very important for you to stay alert while travels and also take care of your health. Don’t neglect small health problems. They may lead to something big one you cannot recover from.

Result for cancer women
You will not be that intelligent, you will take decision on others opinion. Though you are very beautiful but because of not having practical sense you have to stumble at every stage in your stage. You won’t like doing things twice or be in the same situation twice. You will not have the will to save money. Money will come and go from your hand. You will be able to cook well. Cooking is one of your hobbies and you will cook dishes for many people who will enjoy eating food cooked by you. Your marital life won’t be that happy and glowing. Be careful, you may face danger in every steps of your life. If things are going in your way then it can be nothing better. Your luck will be also going your way. But if you are suffering and facing problems then matters will become worst and luck will be not going in your way. So if good then too good, if bad the its worst. Don’t be selfish at all. Your children will be nice and obedient. Though you will seek your husband’s company but he will tend to avoid you sometimes. You will suffer from tonsil, arsho and typhoid. You might get injured because of falling down from some place.

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