Taurus Moon Sign Vrish Rashi  February 2019 Monthly Prediction .

Taurus Moon Sign Vrish Rashi February 2019 Taurus  House is Ownes by Venus (Sukra). Moon sign (Rashi) Taurus  means that Moon was present in Taurus  Sign in birth time. If you do not know your moon sign, Please generate free Horoscope Prediction to know this. Please note that this is not Western Sun sign based prediction.

Vrish Rashi, 1st February to 7th February:

you may face a lot of tensions due to your worth in balance there may also be tension in your family for properties your work life may also be misbalanced.your economic condition may decrease a lot you may face good things or maybe good opportunities for your child here mental condition may also drastically change into something positive.there is chances that you may lose a very good opportunity coming on your way. There are also chances that you may lose a lot of money due to your friends.The people who are into rice, wheat and Maize production business me get huge benefit. Song this business man can invest maybe start something new. You maybe will develop new enemies. The people involved in broking business may earn a lot and maybe there business will develop. If you are travelling then there are chances that you will get a good amount of money. Your spouse health may decrease a lot so take good care of his or her. your economic condition may decrease or maybe you will lose money you may face new type of tension for your daughter.Your wife or maybe your husband may face serious health issues. Your money may also flow. You may face a lot of tension due to your daughter, maybe for her marriage.

Vrish Rashi, 8th February to 14th February:

You may get a lot of respect due to some social service or due to some political reason. So be well prepared to do something beneficial for the country, and for the people who needs help. if you are facing bad economic condition then there are chances that the economic condition of you and your family may improve. Your business may also arise. your economic condition may improve, if it is facing hard situations from the past few days. Your business may also develop. You may get new source to earn money.  If you have taken loan then there are chances that you will give them the money that money back. You me that involved with new friends and there are also chances that you will develop a good relationship with your partner.you may get a new project, or may be will crack a new deal in your business. You may reach new Heights in your work and you may also get respect for your work. You have chances to have a fight with your brother, maybe due to property or maybe something else. So, its better to avoid quarrelling for a better togetherness. There are chances that you may get something very high and respectful place if you are into social service. There are also chances that you may obtain a new position in your political background.

Vrish Rashi, 15th February to 21st February:

You may think a lot about something in the future and for that you will also fear a lot, this may also cause you discomfort. You may also feel tensed for money and your work life.If you have given money to someone then there are chances that you may get a huge profit. You may also get help from someone. Your relatives may visit your house. If you are participating in something new or maybe you are starting something new there are chances that you will face loss. So its better that you dont start something new in today.If you are planning something then there are chances that it will be fulfilled. You are mental stress may increase and you may also earn money from any new source. today can be especially good for the service holders, like you may get promoted in your work. Do trust yourself if you are starting something new in business. Do not be tensed. you may be backstabbed from any of your friend. There are also chances that you will face issues for your relatives. Your wifes health condition may decrease. You may face a lot of money loss due to issues in your family matters. There are chances that your business may run good. So, you should be safe in this particular day.

Vrish Rashi, 22nd February to 27th February:

There is chances that you will not understand your own self. You may also face depression due to someone who has left. There are chances that you will get into fight with your brother. if there is any fight or issues going between you and your partner there are chances that it will be resolved. Health may go normal. People who are involved in paper business they may face good increment. your health may go normal. Do not atke decisions too fast. It is highly suggested that you control your patience and be less angry on yourself and others as well. Your marital life may face issues. Your work life may not go good and maybe you will be involved into something major bad with your co-workers, or maybe misunderstandings may arise. Your relatives may visit you, and your relation with them may improve. You may face something good for your child. You may also be involved in good relation with your friend. You may feel that your respiratory system is not being supportive and for that some of your money may flow. So, it is advised that you consult a doctor early and take care of your health.

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