Chinese Astrology 2016 Prediction For You

The Chinese animal signs are nothing but a cycle that expands through 12 years. The year of Chinese Astrology will begin from February 8, 2016 and will end on 27th January, 2017 .This will be the year of the Monkey and let’s see now how will the year turn out for the 12 (twelve) signs.

Rat Chinese Horoscope for 2016

This year can take you on top of the world. Your hard work and dedication can make you achieve unattainable goals. 2016 will be quite apt for re-establishing your long lost relationship. This year will be quite successful for you financially and you will be able to pay off your old debts.

Ox or Cow Chinese Horoscope for 2016

The New Year will turn out to be quite lucky for you. You will be able to overcome all hurdles this year. There might be some trouble in your married life but a second honeymoon can add spark to your life. Your career is also going to fly high and you will be able to make lots of money.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope for 2016

There can be a great personality change this year and this is the time when you can execute the plans that you have made last year. Expenditures and financial planning will be done quite well by you. You will be quite social and there can be also an extravagant outing for you this year. Take good care of your health during this period.

Rabbits Chinese Horoscope for 2016

This year there is a chance that people will try to get benefitted at your cost. Don’t let yourself be used by others and take a practical approach towards life. You may also conceive at this time. Work according to your limits and take work accordingly. A promotion and salary hike are also expected this year for you.

Dragon Chinese Horoscope for 2016

This year seems to be quite favorable for the Dragons. Though there will be some troubles in your love life in the middle of the year, with a little effort you will be able to restore it. Financially also this year will be quite fruitful and you will be the king of your field. You will remain healthy throughout this period and your mental stability will help you to achieve a lot.

Snake Chinese Horoscope for 2016

This year is quite crucial for you and your marketing strategies can fetch profit for you. In case of love life, stay alert as you will be craving for love and physical pleasure at this time. You need to take some control on your expenditures, though financially you will be strong. This year is important for preparation of your future. Horse Chinese Horoscope for 2016

This year will be quite fruitful if you work with hard work and dedication. Don’t try to be someone else as you are great being just yourself. You may travel and this is the time when you start a new life by leaving behind all the hurtful memories of the past.

Sheep or Goat Chinese Horoscope for 2016

This year is really good for rejuvenating old family ties and you will get to spend quality time with your friends. You will learn to be more practical and the second half of the year will bring in great responsibilities. You will be satisfied by fulfilling them. There are no serious ailments that will make you suffer this year.

Rooster Chinese Horoscope for 2016

You may see some ups and downs in life at this time though this year will be quite stable financially. There can be the emergence of your long awaited love at this time. You may get fatigued because of work but try to go for a holiday and get refreshed.

Dogs Chinese Horoscope for 2016

This year will bring love and peace for you. Romance will be in the air for you this year and life will be quite stable for you. You will also be praised for your creativity at this time. Control your expenses and put some extra efforts to achieve new goals.

Pig or Boar Chinese Horoscope for 2016

This year you should devote more time to yourself. Try to stand by others but don’t let yourself be used. This year will be quite romantic for you but also stay alert as you may be cheated. You will be quite successful as far as career is concerned. You will be more or less healthy this year. This will be a year of good health for you.

So overall, 2016 will be a great year for all the signs with some minor challenges. Enjoy your love and family life and achieve great heights in your career. Travel and make the most of your life this year.