Acharya Sri Pradip

Acharya Sri Pradip
Specialist in Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and Vastu.
Experience : 10+ years

Acharya Sri Pradip completed his Acharya Degree from the College of Jyotirvidya, under the guidence of his Guru Sri Acharya Somnath Chakraborty. He got specialized in the Vedic Astrology, Numerlogy, Palmistry and Vastu. He uses the knowledge of Astrology and Vastu in order to make accurate prediction, and most of his clients are satisfied with his prediction and remedy, moreover he tried his best to provide relief to his client from their problem. He is active member of Vastu Committee of "Spencer Mall" and presently he is a Professor in the College of Jyotirvidya. He is one of the finest astrologer in India today.

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